Natural Penis Enlargement

Natural Penis Enlargement

Natural Penis Enlargement
Natural Penis Enlargement
A surprising number of men are interested in natural penis enlargement. Among them its safe to assume about everyone is after a safe and painless method. Unfortunately, all too many men aren’t informed as to how to meet that natural penis enlargement goal. Doubters out there don’t believe that herbal penis enlargement, and non-surgical devices will give them the results they’re after. When in fact, the truth is the opposite.The most effective penis enlarger is by far a combination of herbal penis enlargement and a non-surgical traction device. All too many men learn the hard way that surgery is not what its cracked up to be, nor are the dangerous drugs and chemicals that come recommended by some irresponsible merchants out there.

Best Natural Penis Enlargement

Why Natural Penis Enlargement?

A better question is why not? Do you think it is better to work against the natural flow and tendencies of your body? Why not work with them? That is what natural penis enlargement is all about. Harnessing your body’s ability to adapt and grow while improving how it works and when you need it to do something at just the right moment.

Natural products work just as well if not better than common penis enlargement treatments, you just need to know which ones work safely, effectively, and in a timely manner.

What Can You Expect From A Natural Penis Enlargement Treatment?

A large portion of PE web sites confidently assert you can gain 4 inches with the products they recommend. This may be true for some, but what most don’t tell you is this is only true for the ultimate achievers. As such, you may be surprised how easy it is to gain inches, but how you do so comes down to if you choose a proven treatment or one based off anecdotal claims.


Natural Penis Enlargement exercises

Penis Enlargement exercises
Penis Enlargement exercisesThere are several benefits to natural penis exercises:

Penis exercises are free
They are safe
Good results can be achieved

Jelqing (Milking) Exercise

The basic technique is quite simple to perform and relies on applying a milking motion along the length of the semi erect penile shaft. To achieve this, the thumb and forefinger are used to encircle the base. A moderately firm grip is used to maintain the partial erection and to ensure the blood is securely trapped. Maintaining this moderate pressure, the grip hand then slides forward along the length of the shaft and forces as much blood as possible into all areas of the erectile tissue. As the grip hand nears the end of the penile shaft the alternate hand then repeats the process, resulting in a continuous motion with each stroke taking around 1-2 seconds. To perform the Jelq correctly, it is often helpful to use a lubricant such as IH4 Oil as this helps the gripping hand to slide without resistance along the length.

Enlargement exercises are usually performed when it is flaccid. The basic technique involves gripping firmly around the head and then gently pulling forward. The idea of the stretch is not to pull it to the point of pain but to just pull sufficiently so that it is stretched to its maximum comfortable limit. An example of a stretching exercise would then be to hold the stretch for approximately 15 seconds before relaxing. To complete the session the process would then be repeated 10-15 times.

Weight Hanging –

The use of weights and stretchers to enlarge the size, it is based on the principle of tensile force and the body’s ability to adapt and change under such influence. Through the application of sustained and continuous tension, cells within an area subjected to such force divide and multiply, resulting in increased tissue mass.

Ballooning –

One of the ways to obtain a larger erection and size is by “ballooning”. This method involves prolonging your ejaculation. Therefore, this means in order to begin ballooning, the first step is to learn how to last longer. You must be able to hold your ejaculation back 3-5 times during sexual activity. If it’s impossible to hold back the ejaculation or withhold from ejaculating prematurely then you must first take IH3 to gain endurance. This will put you on the road to being a more sexually stimulating lover, as well as put you in the perfect position to practice the Penile Ballooning Technique.

While it is erect, begin massaging your penile shaft, footing, and base, pubis, groins, and scrotum to increase the blood flow. By holding back the ejaculation you will start to accelerate the metabolization of testosterone. All the while, you must hold back on ejaculation about 3 to 5 times. Then you will be free to release.

If you practice this technique frequently, it will stimulate growth in the corpora cavernosa, the spongy tissue in shaft. People who have practiced ballooning consistently have achieved gains anywhere from 1 to 3 inches. This technique takes practice, but the rewards are great!

Natural Penis Enlargement foods

Penis Enlargement foods
Penis Enlargement foods
1) Salmon – A fish that is rich in essential fatty oils like omega 3, these oils are considered to be vital to thin the blood around the body making blood circulation healthy. Past research proves that healthy blood flow can be the main key to larger and stronger erections.2) Bananas – Reports suggest that men who gain extra inches usually have very healthy hearts and the potassium in bananas can aid in heart health. Again potassium can help the body blood circulation, making penis growth achievable. Eating bananas can also keep sodium levels low and that can be great to prevent heart disease and other potential heart problems like heart attack.

3) Onions -Many top researchers have claimed that onions are a great source for healthy blood circulation. Prevents blood from clotting carrying more advantage to better blood circulation around the heart and to the penis.

  1. Sugar: candy, soft drinks, pastries, white sugar, brown sugar, refined sugar.
  2. Preservatives: Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Nitrate, Sodium Ethoborate.
  3. Food Additives: Mono-Sodiumglutinate (MSG), NutraSweet or Aspartame.
  4. Are there specific foods that are better for my penis?
  5. Nutritious foods aren’t only important during penis enlargement programs, but throughout a lifetime. Here are some foods that one should try to embrace and others that one should avoid.
  6. A balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables (Green, leafy vegetables are best).
  7. Avoid canned fruit and vegetables that can provide less than half the nutrients.
  8. High quality protein daily, such as fish, chicken, and egg whites.
  9. Buy as much organic food as possible.

Natural Penis Enlargement Medicine

Natural Penis Enlargement Medicine
Natural Penis Enlargement Medicine

Most of the people do not even know about herbal medicines. Because of matchless progress in the field of allopathic medicines most of the people remained untouched by the power of herbal medicines. In current times people are trying to understand herbal medicine and get the benefits from herbal medicines.

The history of herbal medicine starts from the Greek. The great philosopher and physician Hippocretes has played a big role in developing herbal medicines. Though he did not use medicine as modern herbal medicines but he had given this therapy a back to stand upon. After that many organisations served humanity in this field and gave herbal medicines its modern shape and fame.

1. Muira Puama

muira puamaThis plant is very popular among native to Amazone and people around the world because its abilities in enhancing male sexual performance and dramatically impact to their penis size in both diameter and length.

This herb has been a part of homeopathic ingredient and herbals for long due to its superior effects for male enhancement. Detail of Muira Puama can see in this page.

Effect of increased libido from Muira Puama was also proven in French’s study to menopausal women that commonly experienced with a lack of sexual desire due to hormonal imbalance. (Advance in Therapy. 17 (5):255-262. Sept. 2000).

2. Catuaba
catuabaThis plant also second to Muira Puama and native to Amzone which also popular in male enhancement properties due to its abilities in raising libido, increasing sperm counts, enhance sex stamina, and hardening penis erection.
This herb often used altogether with Muira Puama or as single herb.
Effects and works of Catuaba can be seen in this page.

3. Horny Goat Weed
horny goat weedThis herb come from Chinese traditional medicine that is no doubt in enhancing sexual performance. It has been found since thousands years ago and very popular among people there in both men and women.
Detail of Horny Goat Weed can be seen in this page.

Widening blood vessels in smooth penis muscles to accommodate more blood also studied by a joint-research conducted by researchers from the University of California and Peking University First Hospital that found the Horny Goat weed (Epimedium sagittatum) contains Icariin which can increase levels of cyclic Guanosine Monosphate (cGMP) thus widen blood vessels in the penis, while it also has PDE5 inhibitor properties to overcome erectile dysfunction. In fact, the PDE5 inhibitor properties of Icariin have 3 times more superior than ED’s drug of Zaprinast that have similar works with sildenafil.

They said that the PDE5 inhibitor properties of Icariin “were approximately three times greater than those for zaprinast.” (Urology. vol 68, issue 6, pages 1350-1354, December 2006).

4. Damiana

damianaThis herb has strong impact in widening smooth penis muscles of Corpus Cavernosum. In fact, when compared to certain agents that have used in Viagra, this herb even had 3 times greater in relaxing smooth muscles thus increasing blood flow to that area (repeated mechanism will enlarge the size naturally) and very fast recovery after orgasm (for multiple ejaculation or orgasms).
Detail of Damiana’s work can be seen in this page.

A study conducted by researchers from the Universidad de Buenos Aires confirmed the effect of vasodilatory properties of Damiana.
They said, “the effect observed in the present study seem to validate the folk medicinal use of the tested plants [Damiana] and open new ways in the search for natural product with vasodilatory effects.” (Phytomedicine, Vol 10, issue 8 (2003), p. 669-674).
Interestingly, the vasodilatory effects of Damiana showed greater than Sildenafil that commonly used in Viagra (90% vs. 46%, respectively) but more safe with Damiana.