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Considering that 45% of men in the world are unhappy about the size of their penis and thus performance, finding the right solution to penis enlargement has become a common practice. With the introduction of effective, natural products like IH3 & IH4  penis enlargement is now a safe, highly sought after and successful feat. Gone are the days of expensive, risky surgery or fraudulent penis enlargement products making wild claims to increase the size of your penis overnight. On we guide you in the right direction in terms of finding a suitable, effective treatment that will provide you with lasting results that will change your sexual performance for ever. Our products naturally promote tissue expansion over a gradual period of time, giving lasting penis enlargement results as opposed to quick fixes, so from herbal penis enlargement pills or penis enlargement pumps, our products provide safe penis enlargement.

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* Does it actually work?  
There are so many proven positive results from using MPEL that we had to break this answer into two different parts.  
* Penis Enlargement Results  
For most patients this means an up to 4 cm (1.6 inches) increase in length, and an up to 1.5 cm (0.6 Inches) increase in girth. Although it increases length, it does not do so at the cost of girth, or by stretching it out. Instead, It stimulates growth and cellular multiplication through the natural process of traction and adaptation. Once the penis has grown the results are permanent. This is a natural penis enhancement method.  
* Penis Curvature Results  
Studies show that using our products reduces penile curvature by up to 70%. This is true of anyone suffering from Peyronie’s Disease or from any other curvature problem.  
* Is it totally safe?  
Yes, It is totally safe, As it is made from 100% herbal component. You can use this as long as you wish.   * Are the results permanent?  
Yes, It provides permanent results. Unlike other pills and penis pumps, which only provide temporary results, if any; It uses the body’s natural ability to adapt to a force of traction in order to provide real growth at a cellular level. Because this is real and permanent growth, it is evident in both flaccidity and erection. It can provide up to a 4 cm increase (1.6 inches) in length, and up to 1.5 cm (0.6 inches) increase in girth.
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Rs. 1500

It Contains

1 Asgandh Winter cherry
2 Satawar Asparaqus
3 Beheman surkh Salivahaemotodes
4 Beheman safeed Salivahaemotodes
5 Aqar qarah Pelittory root pyrethrum
6 Singhara Gprus taberosus medows
7 Kaunch Spaisinosha
8 Musli safeed Murcannnia seapiflora
9 Tukhme tamar hindi tramina
10 Beejband Sida cardif seeds
11 Taalmakhhana Steecanthe
12 Zeera Safeed Carum
13 Tudri Surkh Wall Flovar
14 Aspand Senko pignum , harmal
15 Saras Black paper
16 Filfil siyah Black peper
17 Kalunji Black cumin
18 Mallkangni Staff tree
19 Daar cheeni Cinnamomum zeyanicum blume
20 barhami Bacopa monnieri

 How Penis Enlargement works?story-1 story-2 story-3

Winter Cherry, or Ashwagandha Root, is among the most prominent herbal preparations used in Ayurveda, a holistic system of medicine that originated in India. The root of this small evergreen shrub is primarily recognized for its adaptogenic properties, meaning it naturally increases the body’s resistance to physical and emotional stress.
Practitioners of Ayurveda traditionally prescribe Winter Cherry to promote gentle relaxation and emotional balance. In clinical studies, Winter Cherry has been shown to provide positive support for:

  • Focus, attention span, concentration, memory, mental sharpness and other healthy cognitive functions
  • Mental or physical fatigue caused by emotional stress
  • Depressed mood and mild to moderate mood changes caused by everyday stress
  • Occasional nervousness, nervous tension and anxiety
  • Healthy immune system function

Research has shown that Winter Cherry is a safe, natural sedative that produces the most noticeable benefits following daily use for two to six weeks.

Pelittory root pyrethrum The herb is considered to be anti-inflammatory and analgesic. The roots of the herb Anacyclus are used to prepare Aakarkrabhadi choorna. The roots are used to treat toothache, rheumatoid arthritis and in toothpaste formation. The herb’s roots are an effective treatment for sexual disorder in men. It is helpful in treatment of various health conditions which are given as follows:

  • Weakness in nerves and vessels
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Impotence
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Worm infestation
  • Diabetes
  • Epilepsy
  • Paralysis
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Heart ailments

Anacylus roots along with roots of vitis and withania are used to treat epilepsy. To get relief from the sore throat, the roots are boiled and prepared a decoction for gargle. Anacyclus herb when taken in normal amounts has no toxic effect on the body.

 What it will do?

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  • Stop premature ejaculations.

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