Penis enlargement exercise

Once I was in your position – and sure you can do!

Penis exercises to the size of his manhood to raise enough to have tried the method.


As with other routine, it is necessary in order to heat the penis. Make sure you warm your penis is vital because the blood flow, increase profits and leave little room for injury. You have a penis, then, look!

Your easiest and the penis with a warm towel and soak in warm water and wrap around the groin. What is this for about 5 minutes and your penis should feel nice and soft. Once hotter of the penis exercises. 3 refers to the following exercises based on good exercise routine are:

# 1 jelq

These penis exercises which today forms the backbone for many. Because of its effectiveness, the jelq exercise is a must. It does not matter how advanced your training you should always have with jelq! Jelqing jelq works because (see below) movement because of the increasing pressure on the tissue and enlargement, expansion, and working hard penis.

When you exercise jelq exercise requires lubrication. I prefer the Johnsons baby oil when you leave your penis healthy and smooth looking after a workout – it smells good too!

– How to jelq

* 50-75% of the unemployed and get his penis much lubrication to apply.

* With the hand, for a firm grip around the base of the penis to make well with the pubic bone.

* Close grip and slowly the shaft of his penis. It hurt for a solid grip, but not necessary. The idea here effectively pump blood to the penis.

* When you reach the curb just below the head – Congratulations, you completed a jelq! jelq to complete each movement lasts about 3 seconds.

* With the other hand, repeat the above procedure and continues through practice with a smooth right action swopping.

# 2 – Basic constant

The oldest member of the great length of the penis exercises and to add color is one. Here’s how to constantly do:

* Just head down and slowly cut off his penis. Waiting for a constant around half a minute.

* Click on the left, right, constantly repeat the straight back and down. Make sure you are stable for 30 seconds.

Cartoon # 3

Exercise to improve and maintain sexual health is important in general. Back up to prevent premature ejaculation is known, means that you have full control over your ejaculation to have.

Even rock hard erections, and increase blood flow to the penis, allowing to maximize the profit for progress.
The muscles of the back of the computer. The muscles that contraction of the urine.

The muscles contract back to your PC and contractions maintained as long as possible. If that – that probably no more than a few seconds you’ll find! If you have time, or I can not stop the contractions, then you have a weak PC muscle. But do not worry! While some muscles daily Kegels dramatic power in the bedroom and better prices!

In the car, at work, as it happens! Development of a high quality of their penis traction device is combined with exercise really accelerate.

To maximize the benefits might be.

Provide full support as a member of the community must also provide expert advice and tips you need when you can. Contains a great speech and also to compare the results with a space. Encourage others to the results of most of the items you can expect to see!

Quick – if indeed a bigger, thicker and faster to adulthood, according to this proven program that has helped to achieve a great way!